The priority themes for the 2024 call for Ph.D. projects are listed for each of the targeted projects ("PC" for Projet Ciblé in French) in the following pages:

  • PC1: CATS - Collaboration spaces

    1. Diversity of interaction devices/modalities for heterogeneous collaboration spaces

    2. Diversity of users: collaboration spaces for all

    3. Infrastructure for rapid creation of hybrid collaboration environments

    4. Transitions between dynamic collaboration spaces

  • PC2: PILOT - Long-term collaboration

    1. Emerging and future forms of long-term collaborative practices

    2. Distributed and secure infrastructure for long-term collaboration

    3. Interoperability for long-term collaboration

  • PC3: MATCHING - Collaboration with intelligents sytems

    1. Collaboration between groups of people and intelligent systems

    2. Mitigating users’ control and authority in collaborative interactions with intelligent systems

    3. Long-term collaboration with intelligent systems

  • PC4: CONGRATS - Large-scale collaboration

    1. Framework for analyzing the efficiency/effectiveness of online communities

    2. Understanding socio-technical collaborative platforms in action

    3. Visualizing platform activity to support analysis or participants coordination

    4. Designing and developing Community-centric Design Methods

    5. Infrastructuring platform participation

  • PC5: Transversal aspects

    1. Methods and tools for measuring impact of collaboration

    2. Legal, ethical and philosophical aspects of collaboration

    3. Environmental aspects