First eNSEMBLE Doctoral School

The first eNSEMBLE Doctoral School was held on October 5-6-7 in Grenoble, following the inauguration of the PEPR. It brought together 12 students from the eNSEMBLE doctoral program and 7 other invited doctoral students.

Proposed and led by Wendy Mackay, this school introduced students to the principles and techniques of participatory design. Students worked on two case studies proposed by researchers from the eNSEMBLE program: problem-based learning (proposed by Isabelle Girault, Christian Hoffmann and Julien Broisin) and crisis management following a rail accident (proposed by François Charoy). Classes covered the concepts of generative theories of interaction and participatory design methods, including rapid prototyping and video prototyping. Divided into 5 groups, the students imagined solutions to the problems presented in the case studies, and illustrated them with a video prototype, which was then presented and critiqued in front of all the participants.

A few pictures

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The school was held on the IMAG premises on the Université Grenoble Alpes campus
The doctoral school students
The 12 students in the eNSEMBLE program, with Laurence Nigay (left), Michel Beaudouin-Lafon (center) and Wendy Mackay (right)
Wendy Mackay teaches the principles of video prototyping
Group 1 chats with Wendy Mackay
Wendy Mackay gives advice to Group 2
Group 3 prepares the storyboard for their video
Group 4 films a sequence from their video
Group 5 films a sequence from their video
A break before the final presentations
Group 5 final presentation
Last day buffet lunch

The groups

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:

Group 5:

(*) Invited Ph.D. student
(**) eNSEMBLE program manager